Writing a Cursive F

 cursive f

Writing in cursive can be a difficult task to learn for beginners and a hard thing to remember for people who haven’t practiced drawing cursive letters in a while. When it comes to the cursive alphabet there are a few letters that are more difficult to draw than others. Most people seem to struggle with the Cursive F more than the other letters in the cursive alphabet. This holds true for both the uppercase letter F and the lowercase letter f.

cursive writing chart

cursive writing chart with the letter F highlighted

If you are searching for a cursive writing chart so you can figure out how to draw a cursive letter, you are not alone. Did you know that over 7000 people search for the cursive F on Google every month? That is an astounding number, so don’t feel bad if you’ve forgotten how to draw it. This website will give you detailed instructions on how to draw an F in cursive as well as show you pictures of a cursive F to use as a reference.

Let’s start with the lowercase cursive f. Many people draw the lowercase f in cursive in many different ways, as illustrated by the image below.

how to draw cursive f

Any of those ways are acceptable in most cases, but if you are interested in the correct version of the lowercase f take a look at the picture below.

cursive f lowercase

As you can see by the numbers, to draw the lowercase f in cursive you start by drawing from left to write at a sharp slope and then loop back around to the left and then straight down. This should extend beyond the line of your paper about half way down and then loop back around to the right and connect to your line at the same heighth that you started. This should all be one line. Then a second line starts at that intersection and swings out to the right and up. From this point you are ready to connect to the next letter.

Once you have mastered the lowercase version you will be ready to take on the upper case cursive F. The image below is of a fancy uppercase F in cursive. Although this F is very elegant it is not what is taught in grade schools around the country.

uppercase F in cursive

The uppercase cursive F that is taught in schools looks like the one below.

cursive F letter

As you can see by the numbers, to draw an uppercase F in cursive you start with a line going down and slightly to the left. Then you curl it around to the left up to the center of your writing space. A second line starts where the first one ends and you swing it to the write and through the original line and end it with a tiny mark downwards. You complete the F with a curly oval above the middle of your letter which wraps around and dips down toughing the original line but going on past it and to the right.

As with drawing any cursive letters, the more you practice the easier it will become for you to write in cursive. Hopefully this information has been helpful to you and you are now ready to write any word that has an “F” in it. Remember, practice makes perfect! If you would like help with any other letters please let us know and we will help you with those as well.